Monday, 1 August 2016

A rather interesting and reflective documentary ...

I was supposed to have seen another film, which unfortunately wasn't being exhibited in Lisbon as I had believed I ended up therefore selecting another one - Francofonia by Aleksandr Sokurov at the last moment and I am glad I did because it was interesting and above all reflective. 

The importance of Art and relationships that are "constructive" irrespective of the sides people happen to find themselves at - Jaujard, the Louvre director during the second World War and the German officer Metternich who was assigned  to have some of Louvre's works of Art transferred to Germany territory, are at the heart of the documentary film. 

" (...) if viewers think of the film as a freewheeling poetic essay, highly personal yet captivating. The pic's core (or perhaps merely the hook?) is the relationship between Jaujard and Wolf Metternich, vanquished and conqueror and how both men were intent on protecting the Louvre's treasures."

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