Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Culture-oriented trip to Madrid - On the way to the Ermita de Santo Antonio de la Florida - The 21st of August 2016

I left the hostal fairly early and walked  along calle Mayor having passed by the well known market and the Town square till I reached the Almudena Cathedral. Streets were still empty with the exception of those in the proximity of the Royal Palace and Campo del Moro where a few people were already queueing up at the entrance of the Palace. 

I continued walking further along Campo del Moro heading towards the Sabatini gardens so as to catch the Cuesta de San Vicente and finally Paseo de la Florida, though it took me longer than I had expected.   

Once I reached Principe Pio square I turned right and 500 metres further on I finally came across the elegant neo-classic building which was built between 1792 and 1798.  The interesting thing about its walls and cupola frescoes painted by Goya is that a multitude of citizens bear witness to the Miracle of St. Anthony, in which the Saint resuscitates a murdered man so that he can testify in defence of his own father, who has been accused of the crime. The fact that there were huge mirrors positioned underneath the frescoes, whose picture taking was prohibited allowed us to meticulously look at the projection of Goya's splendourous artistic work.

Despite feeling tired, mostly because of the extreme heat felt over the weekend which aggravated the blisters on my feet I felt it had been worth flying to Madrid on this culture-oriented adventure.

Note: Photos of the frescoes withdrawn from the net.


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