Thursday, 25 August 2016

The latest book I have read ...

Os últimos marinheiros (the latest seamen and women) has been the most recent book edited by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos I have read. I have unexpectedely become keen on reading these because I feel the information gathered on the various themes is conveyed in a rather interesting and informative way. Having spent my childhood by the sea has had an impact on the way I look at these men and women whose life is intimately connected to it.

This is a rather fascinating reporting type of approach book that blends portraying, informing, feeling and voicing which is definitely worth reading. 

"Portugal has 2,830 kilometres of coast, having become the 3rd biggest economic European zone and the 11th worldwide. Despite the coastline there isn't a single meteorological forecast radio channel transmitting any therewith related information. On board of  both a commercial cargo and a trawling ship, Filipa Melo took to the discovery of the latest seamen and seawomen, who confront the sea on a daily basis and do justice to our  agaisnt all odds mythical past".


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