Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Santo Aleixo da Restauração village, Alentejo - Getting to know an outstanding local figure; old weighing system; using the local material -The 27th of August 2016

I was introduced to Dona Catarina (commonly called Catalina, the Spanish version for her Portuguese name) who speaks a mixture of Portuguese/Spanish identified as Barranquenho dialect because of having been born in a rather peculiar village, whose proximity to Spain bears its influence.

She showed me around and I was mesmerised by her little "secret" garden on the upper patio, which apart from the cooling atmosphere provided an incredible view over the village hill settlement with its parallel streets. The traditional oven, she often uses to bake some rather exquisite tarts, located in the lower patio was interesting to look at as well.

I couldn't help taking a picture with her as we sat listening to her stories, some of which related to the frontier crossing during the Spanish Civil war.



Soon after having got back "home" Misi and  I went around to the local grocer's where two things caught my attention - the cork made benches and the old system of weighing the goods.

(To be continued)

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