Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Summer English Course for 6 and 7 year old children - Day 5 - The Art exhibition - The 15th of July 2016


The "Art" exhibition is also quite an important moment for the children, who are finally allowed to take home whatever they managed to do during the half an hour dedicated to fine motor development throughout the course.
Everyone seemed interested in the 3D constructions the boys had made, not to mention the "builders" themselves. The Taj Mahal and its "builder", Bruno were among the most photographed.
I reckon everyone was happy with the outcome results and I did get quite a few requests from parents to let them know where I bought those 3D constructions, many of which I must confess are either bought abroad or at special Chinese super markets around my living quarter.

The "unfinished" world map puzzle also drew people's attention and despite the fact that the girl's paintings weren't photographed during the actual exhibition many of those who saw them were astounded by them, not believing the girls had made them without any adult help.

I strongly believe an artistic approach to life brings a lot more to any of us than we may feel it does ...

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