Monday, 18 July 2016

The Summer English Course for 6 and 7 year old children - Day 5 - The exhibit room and the performance - The 15th of July 2016


Children seemed to be overexcited and nervous as we rehearsed in the auditorium prior to the actual performance and a lot more when they noticed the photographer had arrived, because that would naturally mean the performance for the public wouldn't take much longer.

Several photos were taken to the panels in the classroom, the artistic works of the children in display and even the maps with the flags some of the children had stuck as in accordance with the origin of the dolls and puppets being exhibited.

Just seconds before the performance one of the boys fell down and hurt his mouth having begun to cry out loud in pain, despite the convincing words from the rest of the group he felt he wouldn't be up to it. Soon after a girl joined in crying out even louder the moment  she realised her mother wasn't  coming to watch her. 

I took some time introducing what the audience would soon be witnessing as I waited for the children to "recover" from  their "malaise". I didn't fully succed though as the two referred children soon "abandoned" the choir.

I don't think they sang as well as they had before, some of the children having become tight in their gestures (as opposed to one of them who decided to over exagerate every single move) but it was nevertheless a very good performance taking into account its difficulty and the unexpected events.

I feel the public aplauded genuinely because they realised what the children had achieved wasn't easy, particularly singing with their backs to the main "support" - the one from the performing author of the book.

   (To be continued)

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