Thursday, 28 July 2016

An unexpected surprise ...

What an unexpected surprise I had as I was looking for material for my classes and came across a DVD I had bought last year on the animated short films presented during the Monstra festival but hadn't yet had the chance to watch.
Among those several short films my attention was drawn to three for completely different reasons - Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok de Wit, having been a 2000 Academy awarded film is a rather sad yet particularly meaningful film that highlights the existing bond between a daughter and the estranged father, whose "image" she pursues an entire lifetime.

The animated adaption of one of Bukowski's poems The man with the beautiful eyes by Jonathan Hodgson is thought-provoking and therefore quite powerful.

The tramvaj  by Michaela Pavlátová despite being a rather sex oriented burlesque-type of film that may shock viewers did bring about several considerations as to certain routine types of work one has to daily face and what goes (may go on) people's minds throughout the process of carrying them out.

Retouches by Georges Schwizegebed, Eiltänzer by Raimund Krumme and Vicenta by Sam were equally interesting.

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