Monday, 4 July 2016

The Summer English course for 4 and 5 year old children - Day 1 - The 4th of July 2016

The Summer English course for 4 and 5 year old children started today and even if the first part of the morning was quite tiring for the children,  who had to rely on the memory once most of them cannot read yet, they all seem to have enjoyed it. They were taught quite a few words so we then had to have a break before we initiated some other activities related to the animals they had learned how to say in English.

Each was given a velvet canvas with some of the animals, whose names they had learned and which they had to paint using coloured felt tip brushes as in accordance with a scheme of pre-determined colours. The youngest boy in the group (just 3 years and a half ) was given a 3D aeroplane which he assembled together with Ana, once he is crazy about any form of transportation.

They then had half an hour to do some animal puzzles (only one of them managed to finish it during that amount of time) before I had them revise what had been taught in the morning before going home.

As I was supervising the artistic works I once more realised that most children nowadays are not used to doing any, but once they are introduced to some form of Art they actually enjoy it.

Lisa and Salvador had to spend part of the afternoon with me and therefore managed to finish the artistic piece they had started in the morning having  ventured into other artistic pieces which had them decorate some wooden pinapples (a word they had learned in the morning) with coloured glitter and some small wooden key holders with glitter paint, as well as a sticker "painting".


(To be continued)

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