Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Summer English Course for 4 and 5 year old children - Days 2 and 3 - The 5th and 6th of July 2016


One of the highest moments of the second day was when I had them identify stickers corresponding to the fruits they had been taught and have them glued onto a paper fruit stall. 

We continued with our singing and arts activities though because of not having them discouraged by the difficulty of using the felt tip brushes I ended up letting them do some animal puzzles and glitter pineapples.

They were told they'd have a morning assessing exercise the following day with all the fruits they had learnt so most of them decided to take their learning sheets home despite not being able to read yet.

Each of them was handed out a plastic fruit, whose name they had to say in English. Because they got them all right during the first round I had them do different ones in a second round. I put up two huge sheets on a board with quite a few fruits, whose names they had been taught and we continued with the language vocabulary acquisition through to the morning break.

Before walking out into the gardens for a fifteen minute break I showed them the Centre auditorium where next Friday's presentation for the parents, grandparents and relatives will be held and where we'll be rehearsing the songs starting the following day. They seemed excited because I don't think they had imagined they'd be singing in such a big space. 

Once back into the classroom and having realised they were not in the mood to "work" straight away I had them watch the animated version of the book they have been studying and  identify the words in English they have already memorised, followed by the first part of the animated version of Prokofiev's Peter and the wolf.

Despite the fact that only the last fifteen minutes of the morning were dedicated to the artistic activities I strongly believe that by Friday each child will have  done at least two pieces for the exhibition, with Lisa, Salvador and Sofia having already completed three each (because of having spent two extra afternoons with me and Ana).

(To be continued)

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