Friday, 8 July 2016

The Summer English Course for 4 and 5 year old children - Day 5 (cont.) - The Singing - The 8th of July 2016


The auditorium where the children would be singing was almost completely filled with people and I feared such a huge audience would put a higher pressure on them which to a certain extent must have, because despite having sung beautifully many of the children didn't do the gestures they were supposed to and which until then they had absolutely loved. 

Their attention seemed to be almost unexpectedely focused on the lyrics and the music (with a few exceptions). I am glad I filmed the rehearsal as well because it will be interesting for the parents and grandparents to see how being under pressure has its advantags and disadvantages (when they get the DVD with both "versions").

I don't know which one I liked best because if on one hand the first song was thoroughly (and "rigidly") sung the second one provided some moments of "relaxation" and amusement. The audience reacted enthusiastically to both by clapping intensely ... and a few "bravos" could be heard.

Some of the children's expressions are incredible, in my opinion, and it's soĆ¹mething I wasn't fully aware as Ana and I were "conducting" them, though many of the children focused on the background music and images projected on the screen, rather than our gestures.


(To be continued)

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