Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Summer English Course for 6 and 7 year old children - Day 4 - The 14th of July 2016


We had a quiet morning till the break in which I felt really proud of the children and what we had achieved as we worked through rehearsing and doing some new identification exercises. A moment of collective euphoria made me feel unexpectedely disappointed and I must confess I didn't take it lightly and silently showed the children how sad I had suddenly become. 

Classes ended twenty minutes earlier, though I still managed to hand them some pages from a book of puppets and show them a water puppet performance video, so they could identify the difference between the various types of performing puppets. 

Ana and I finally finished decorating the room for the exhibition having displayed some of the dolls from countries I had spoken of during the course not only because of the 3D constructions the boys had made but also the children, whose lives they had become acquainted whilst watching the film on paths to school.

Because I had some puppets like the ones they saw in the pages they had been handed out I also decided to have themon display.

I honestly don't know what the final performance will be like but I'd like to believe they will not let me down ...

(To be continued)

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