Sunday, 17 July 2016

The latest films I have watched ...

Had I not trusted my instinct and I would have missed a very interesting film, which having been referred to as a comedy (which I very rarely watch), was in fact a biographical film on the life of the producer's father whilst in Iran and later on in France.

Despite the hardships the main character had to go through during his emprisonment in the epoch of the Shah of Iran and the subsequent disappointment throughout the Khomeyni ruling period All three of us provided the viewer with a somewhat rather intelligent approach to one's life path highlighting one's principles and personality traits.

The second film I watched - The Man who knew Infinity was a biography as well and a particularly interesting one, which again highlighted one's resilience and how far one can go regardless of the obstacles one has to overcome.

Set against the outbreak of World War I the true story based film focuses on the friendship between a self-taught Indian mathematics genius (Ramanujan) and a rather eccentric, though brilliant professor G. H. Hardy) at Trinity College, Cambridge - a friendship that forever changed Mathematics.


"The man who knew infinity stands on its own merit thanks in great measure to Patel and Irons, who give us engaging characters. This is not so much a film about understanding the numbers but understanding the men who made us see thier merit, and the passion that drives each of us to find true meaning in our lives."

Despite being completely different they do have something in common - they are both thought-provoking, particularly in regards to one's life path and what role one can (should) play in it regardless of the prejudices ... and any other obstacles one might have to face along the way.

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