Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The latest book I have read ...

I have been wanting to expand my knowledge on Myanmar and its historic setting since I have visited the country one year ago. I am therefore particularly happy to have fallen upon this incredible author, whose story is not only inspiring but provides the reader with thorough information regarding what the country has gone through, traditional aspects related to the Padaung and a few aspects worth pondering.

It is beautifully written, which adds to the overall opinion I have had of From the land of the green ghosts, whose reading I seemed not to want to end. I wish I had read it before I visited Myanmar because there would have been certain aspects I wouldn't have overlooked. It is definitely worth reading (eventually more than once).  

"Incisively told, remarkable story of a long journey from the hills of Burma to Cambridge University from a young Burmese man now living in Burma. (...) A distinguished accomplishment that radiates both intelligence and spiritual awareness."


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