Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The short duration Summer English course for 4 to 6 year old children (Day 2) - The 18th of August 2015


The second day was quite a hard working day for the children, but also one they did enjoy judging from their facial expressions, as well as their continuous enthusiastic commitment to learning.
They started off the morning by watching a short film (on the adventures of a girl who didn't like reading) I had already shown in the other 4 to 6 year old children class and despite having two children now who had attended that particular class they enjoyed it all the same.

I used one book with stickers to further "explore" colours and objects therewith associated. I therefore selected the colours of their shirts and had them stick whichever was necessary as in accordance with  what was indicated in the book.

I then picked up an Art book with stickers especially designed for children and used it to let them know about the life of three painters who actually chose animals as the theme for their paintings. They had to identify the corresponding stickers on their own before we had them stuck on the framed paintings in the book. I was surprised to see how much they loved this activity and the amount of information they retained about the lives of those painters they had never heard of before. 

As Elias had joined the group and  not yet had a chance to get acquainted with the lyrics of the song they'd be singing on Friday, we ended up revising the words twice and rehearsing the way they'd perform. They still had time for the daily half an hour Art activities though

Some of them managed to finish their artistic pieces and Teresinha backed up by Pedro (my gentle and soft spoken Gemini) even had time to make a puzzle together. I have noticed these two have become rather close in such a short period of time and seem not to be able (or want) to do anything without being in each other's presence.

Photo of my most "faithful" students who are the children of two of my most "faithful" older students as well. Salvador has attended six courses in the last three years and Tomas four (once he wasn't able to start but last year at the age of three).

(To be continued)


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