Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The latest book I have read ...

I have just finished reading another book by Murakami and the truth is that despite the fact that I really enjoy his writing style when it comes to commenting on what he has written I always find a tremendous difficulty (to say the least) to really convey what I feel can (should) be said, the reason being that  there's always a myriad of thoughts, assumptions and potential interpretations therewith associated.

A wild sheep chase, which I have actually read in French (la course au mouton sauvage) takes the main character of the book (and the readers along with him almost inevitably) into a remote location in the snowy mountains of Northern Japan in what could be considered a rather surreal quest of a "mythological" sheep ...  What the sheep represents is questionable but I'd like to look at it from the perspective of whatever we may be searching for in life ..., whether it is the meaning for one's existence or one's emotions ...

I've copied down some sentences which amongst several caught my attention, though similarly to some reader's opinion - "this is very much a book that bears rereading", I feel there's a lot more to ponder on ..., which would necessarily imply a second or a third reading.

"Tout le monde a au moins une chose qu'il ne souhaite perdre à aucun pris (...) un être humain possède nécessairement un moyen terme entre ses désirs et son amour propre. De la même manière que tout corps a un centre de gravité. Un jour tu comprenderas ce que je veux dire. C'est toujours quand il est trop tard qu'on s'aperçoit que cette chose existait."

"Avec notre habitude de y tailler chacun selon ses mensurations, on finit par être la proie d'illusions, mais le temps est d'une continuité à toute épreuve."

"(...) que la vraie vie c'était d'être perpétuellement à la recherche de quelque chose."


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