Saturday, 15 August 2015

Joe Berardo's Art collection (cont.) at the Cultural Centre in Belém, Lisboa - The 9th of August 2015


I was particularly impressed with the permanent collection of paintings and sculptures spread in several galleries, each of which pertaining to a particular artistic movement and despite the fact that I didn't take the same amount of "discovering" time in all of the galleries, my overall opinion is one of obvious praise for having had the chance of coming across several masterpieces because of a collector like Joe Berardo (may the many Art collectors of this world be acknowledged and praised for investing their money in Art and in Joe Berardo's case share his collection for free). 

Le goufre argenté - 1926 oil on canvas by the Belgian artist René Magritte (1898 - 1967) on the left. Tête de jeune fille à la frange - A 1910-1921 bronze and marble bust by the Italian French artist Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920) on the right. 

Nu assis à la chaise verte - 1944 oil on canvas painting by the French artist Francis Gruber (1912 - 1948) on the left. Le bain des dames chez George Grade - A 1949 watercolour, pen, ink and pencil on paper painting by the Belgian artist Paul Devaux (1897-1994) on the right. 

Le chevalier de glace - A 1938 oil on canvas painting by the Romanian French artist Victor Brauner (1903 - 1966)..

Donna sdraiata - 1951 bronze sculpture by the Italian artist Emilio Greco (1913 - 1995).

Portrait de femme en robe bleue (Mme Georges Hillaire) - 1935 oil on wood by the French artist  Balthus (1908 - 2001) on the left. Child writing - A 1954 oil on wood by the British artist  Jack Smith (1928 - 2011) on the right.

Composition   A 1948 oil on canvas by the Portuguese French artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908 - 1992) on the left. Abstraction (orange) - A 1952 oil on canvas painting by the Canadian artist Jean-Paul Riopelle (1932 -2002) on the right. 

Studio a paesaggio - A 1961 oil and collage on canvas by the Italian artist Renato Guttuso (1912 - 1987) on the left. Two figures - A 1968 oil on canvas painting by the American artist Philip Pearlstein (1924 - ) on the right.

At the She She Café, A 1982 mixed technique on galvanized metal  painting by the American Edward Kienholz (1927 -1944). 

La sheer - A 1968 oil on canvas painting by the British artist Allen Jones (1937 -) on the left. Celia Birtwell and some of her heroes - A 1962 oil and letter ink on canvas by the British artist Pauline Boty (1938 - 1966) on the right.

Picture emphasizing stillness - A 1962 oil and letter ink on canvas by the British artist David Hockey (1937 -) on the left. Man and woman - A 1960 oil on canvas by the American artist Alex Katz (1927 -) on the right.

Virnaburger - A 1965 oil on canvas by the American artist Mel Ramos (1935 -) on the left. Judy Garland - A 1979 ink and synthetic polymer paint on canvas by the American artist Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) on the right

As I made my way down I came across a portrait of Joe Berardo made by the well known Portuguese painter Julio Pomar (1926 -) in 2004-2007.

I didn't leave the building without making my way across a gallery exhibiting photos, videos and photo installations by African artists which will be part of an International competition and I couldn't help photographing one of those depiction the Slaves' Museum entrance where I have recently been to.

Of the temporary exhibition galleries I would highlight some series of photos I found to be rather interesting, one by a Portuguese photographer Helena Almeida  named Study for two spaces and another one by a French photographer Christian Boltanski named 364 Suisses morts. 

Just before leaving I found myself in a light installation by the artist James Turrell which I played with having projected my own image.


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