Friday, 14 August 2015

The short duration Summer English Course for 10 to 12 year old children (Day 4) - The 13th of August 2015


Feeling rather vulnerable emotionally, as it would have been my daughter's birthday had she been alive, I tried to keep as busy as I could. We started off the morning by finishing the transcript we hadn't been able to finish the previous day and looked at some photos I had taken in some of the places we had "been to" in the reading pages or come across in the listening-comprehension exercises and once more a huge number of questions arose from religions to types of houses, construction materials, styles of living and other issues which in a way was connected to what they were learning in the English class.
Some of the children seemed worried about not having finished any artistic work, which had me supervising their activities trying to reduce their avidness to finish them at the cost of overlooking details, just for the sake of having "something" in display on the exhibition day. Siblings got together and those who had already finished their constructions offered to help those who hadn't yet finished any. The last half an hour of the day was therefore quite a busy one, with children fully concentrated on what they were doing.

Five of the children did finally finish the works they had been assigned to do on the first day with one of the girls having even finished her second artistic piece.

Because it had been one of the boy's birthday the previous day we shared two cakes he as kink enough to have brought for us all, Ana and I included. It was a moving moment, though very short as none of them seemed interested in wasting any precious time which could easily be used to finish the constructions and any other artistic pieces.

In the afternoon Ana and I decorated the room with the photos I had been taking throughout the week and partly organised the Art exhibition for the following day, leaving the necessary "spaces" for either photos of the children with their artistic pieces to be hanged on one of the placards or on the tables where those pieces would be placed (hopefully in the next morning ... if they managed to finish them).
We were both proud of what they had accomplished "artistically" not to mention the progress in regards to the English Language development.

(To be finished)


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