Saturday, 1 August 2015

The latest film I've seen ...

I've been strongly moved by the film Coming home I've been to see today and which I undoubtedly consider among the best, if not the best I've seen lately.


Said to have been based on a novel by Yan Geling The criminal Lu Yanshi I haven't read but which certainly bears resemblance to many accounts I have read on the cultural revolution epoch, the story was turned into a powerfully beautiful and emotional film in the hands of the director Zhang Yimou as the revolving political events richly nuanced by an historically dramatic and contemplative approach unfold and with them the visibly severe scars embedded in the soul of the main characters.
Apart from the profoundly meaningful theme and majestic interpretation on the part of the two main characters played by Chen Daoming and Gong Li, the unconditional love, personal loyalty, utmost patience and on-going committed efforts are what seems to shake the viewers suggesting an ultimate triumph (despite being a rather painful one) and acceptance of the blows of fate one cannot control.

This film is really worth seeing and if possible more than just once as the message is clearly too strong  and the infinite details too meaningful to be fully apprehended as the story unfolds on the screen.


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