Friday, 21 August 2015

The short duration Summer English course for 4 to 6 year old children -The final presentation - The 21st of August 2015


Children had a surprise as they walked into the classroom the day of the final presentation and Art exhibition because Ana and I had decorated it like in the previous courses with the best photos taken during the course in which they can be seen carrying out several of the English lessons activities, as well as the complementary half an hour daily Art activity ones.

I had the children rehearse their performance twice in the auditorium, where there were some unexpected technical problems that had to be resolved prior to the presentation, and because I realised most of them were over excited I had them watch the second part of the film we had watched the day before in the classroom.
There seemed to be very little I could do to calm them down. Parents, grandparents and guests started arriving fairly early as one of the boys had to be at the hospital to be operated on early in the afternoon and from then on it was even more complicated, once they were almost totally "out of control".

Everyone loved the way they performed and taking into account most of the opinions it was by far, according to them, the best performance they had watched (bearing in mind the previous exhibitions). I didn't personally think the same way though I was merely judging it from the "technical" point of view and not necessarily the joy and  outward showcasing attitude most of them demonstrated throughout the exhibition.

By the end of the morning I can't deny it  ... I did feel a sense of duty accomplished and despite the tiredness I was happy with the overall final outcome. Never had I worked so much over such a short period of time, bearing in mind the increasing number of children attending the Summer courses. My committment payed off  ... so I couldn't feel happier.


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