Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The batuco dance ...

I've been sent a photo that was taken about a year ago by my friend Noëlle, as I and another foreigner were invited (not to say forcefully) to dance  (or rather ... try to dance) batuco at a performance  of this musical and dance genre in the capital city of Cape Verde, Praia.

To move one's hips without moving anything else is not an easy task but I do clearly recall that out of "personal pride" both I and the French gentleman (for the same reasons, I believe) did our best to "impress" those who were watching us ... at Quintal da Música (and if I rememberr correctly it was almost full).

I didn't think a photo could make me as nervous as I was there and then when I was drawn to the stage ... Whether we did impress anyone is irrelevant because (apart from the natural nervousness) in the end we did enjoy ourselves throughout the experience ... regardless of people's opinions ...


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