Thursday, 20 August 2015

The short duration Summer English course for 4 to 6 year old children (Days 3 and 4) - The 19th and 20th of August 2015


The activities on the third day were pretty similar to the ones carried out in the previous days, with an stronger emphasis on the singing, which was rehearsed four times, as it involved the synchronised movements, the children had already heard of but not tried out yet. They completed two more exercises, one related to the identification of animals I read out loud and a second one related to opposites, still associated with animals.

The artistic pieces were again very different and with the exception of Teresinha and Pedro, who once more preferred to do some puzzles, everyone either finished colouring bookmarkers, sticking in geometric mosaics to complete animal figures or used coloured clay and decorative motifs to do an animal "canvas".

As they were waiting for a colleague on Thursday morning the children decided to put on masks depicting some of the animals whose names they had learned in English, with one of the girls deciding upon a clown's mask as well. 

We finally managed to have them look "straight" for the certificate's photo, which we had been trying since the second day of the course.

After having watched part of a film whose story is about a friendship between a girl and a fox, we completed some of the Art sheets related to animal paintings and "read" the story of the little red hen followed by an exercise of identification and sequencing of pictures related to the story. 
Whilst the children did some animal and animal story puzzles to decorate the room for the exhibition the following day Teresinha and Pedro did one more artistic piece. Teresinha painted and decorated a key holder in the shape of a butterfly with glitter paint and little shiny stars as Pedro decorated a green cat with Elias finishing his mosaic tiger.

I filmed the  performance rehearsal and both Ana and I had to admit they were brilliant ... We just hope their performance in front of the parents and guests will be equally good.

(To be continued)


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