Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Joe Berardo 's Art collection - temporary exhibition (cont.) at the Cultural Centre in Belém, Lisboa - The 8th of August 2015


I continued strolling around and admiring the selected "oeuvres", with some of them impressing me for their "bluntness", though I must confess I did enjoy the exhibition despite not all the paintings in display.

Acrobats - A 1986 acrylic and oil on canvas by the American artist David Salle (1952 - )

Vocal - A 1989 oil on linen painting by the Italian artist Francesco Clemente (1952 - ).


Man struck by lightning - A 1998 bronze and stainless steel sculpture by the British artist Marc Quinn (1964 - ).

Mother and daughter - A 1984 oil on canvas painting by the Amercian artist Eric Fischl (1948 - ).

Bearing - A 1993 lead, fibre glass and plaster sculpture by the British artist Anthony Gormley (1950 - ).

Pater - A 1982 acrylic and coloured oil pastel on canvas painting by the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 -1988).

Peaches - a 1995 oil and acrylic on canvas by the British artist  Marcus Harvey (1963 - ) on the left. Blonde ohne Stahlhelm - A 1985 oil on canvas painting by the German artist Georg Baselitz (1938 - ) on the right.

Anbetung des Inhalts - A 1985 oil on canvas painting by the German artist Jörg Immendorf (1945 - 2007).

The grid - A 2006 acrylic on wood painting by the Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis (1956 - ).

The well known artistic piece by the Portuguese artist Joana de Vasconcelos made with plastic forks.

Upon having finished "covering" the three groundfloor galleries and under some sort of curious spell I decided to further explore the permanent exhibition of Joe Berardo's collection in display on the second floor.
(To be continued)

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