Thursday, 14 April 2011

Unregistered Postcrossing cards ...

There are three more cards I have a feeling will not be registered, not only because they have been travelling for quite a while now, but also because having contacted the people I sent them to, none of them has responded nor reacted so far, which leads me to believe that once more these cards will not have the right of being seen on a postcrossing wall.

PT-169978 sent out to Wei in Taiwan (Left) and PT- 170792 to Antonina in Russia

PT- 172225 sent out to Marga in the Netherlands

Despite the fact that some cards do get lost in the postal service (I have had it happen), I believe certain people simply don't comply with  the postcrossing pre-defined rules and "disrespect" those who do, thus breaking the cycle of  sending out cards (dependant on the registering) and above all "disrespecting" the effort some people put into selecting the adequate cards as in accordance with people's tastes and preferences ...

Note: The card sent to the Netherlands has been registered.

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