Thursday, 14 April 2011

Some of the latest news on the children of Calheta in Cape Verde ...

These are some of the people who have recently joined the "project of Calheta" and will ensure the payment of the school fees and school material of  afew of the children of Calheta.

Carlos Saboga and his children will be "looking after" Eunice de Jesus' school needs, together with Luis and his girlfriend Kátia "providing" for the school needs of Eunice and Kevin. Lurdes (Luis' mother) who is already "in charge" of Diva upon having heard that Elcy would like to have a "godmother" decided to "take on" the challenge. Charlotte has also decided to "provide" for the school needs of two girls (Marline and Delmízia), with the family Tavares (Marco and Micá) having taken the responsibility for Nolita's school needs.

The school fees for 2012 have therefore been ensured and will be paid by the beginning of September.

Luis and Kátia (Left). Eunice (Right) and Kevin (below).

Márcio and Kevin (from left to right).

Carlos Saboga and his children (Left). Eunice de Jesus (Right).

Lurdes (Left) and Elcy (Right).

Micá and Marco Tavares (Left) and Nolita (Right).

There are now a total of 32 children we are "responsible for" in terms of school needs (27),  kindergarten (2) and basic needs (3), with 7 potential "godparents" on a waiting list. All I can say is  that we are widening up our "net of solidarity" even in a moment of crisis like the one we are actually facing ...

List of children "godparents" have provided for: 
Kindergarten (2010) - Nelsinha.
Kindergarten (2011) - Nelsinha and Marquinho
School (2011) -  Leinira, Simone, Neuza, Justina, Tarine, Ivanilda, Eduardo and Elias.
School (2012) - Leinira, Simone, Neuza, Justina, Tarine, Ivanilda, Joceline, Ivanilda Elena, Diva, Rosana, Carla, Rivia, Lola, Artemisa, Josefine, Erica, Eunice, Eunice de Jesus, Jessica, Nolita, Delmízia, Marline, Eduardo, Ismael, Veinilson, Kevin and Elias.
Basic needs (2010) - Leidina.
Basic needs (2011) - Leidina, Odete and Aniza.

List of "godparents" who have got "protégés" - Gabriela Girão, Maria João Ramos,  Isabel Castilho, Carla Oliveira, Sandra Sousa, Fatima, Paula Braga, Surama, Sérgio, Carla Brígida, Lurdes, Carla Carreira,  Cristina Marques, Manuela Reduto, Marie Hélène, Noëlle, Celeste Catarino, Rosário Vidal, Paula Martins, Luis Matoso, Salomé, Cecília, Luis Pinto, Kátia, Francisco Lisboa, Carlos Saboga, Marco and Micá Tavares, Charlotte and myself.

Note: Photos of Charlotte will be published as soon as I get them, together with  the ones of Cristina Marques, Manuela Reduto,  Sérgio and  Francisco Lisboa ("godparents" of Marline, Delmizia, Artemisa, Ismael and Jessica respectively).

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