Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jessica ...

Jessica is a little 11 year old girl whose father has committed suicide leaving her and three more siblings behind, one of which has a small child of her own. It is not easy for her mother to face the daily difficulties, so I hope Francisco Lisboa's help will in some way ease the pain of this child and further help her through her studies.

I shall be sending her a few things I bought on Francisco's behalf, which will hopefully reach Cape Verde before Easter. Because I know they have a few difficulties I have decided to also buy an outfit for her sister's daughter.

Jessica at the final exhibition day in Calheta.

A T-shirt, a pair of red trousers, a small pencil case, a decorated pencil, a small doll, and a reading and sticker book bought by Francisco for her (Left).  A T-shirt and skirt I bought for her little niece and a soft panda given by Cristina (Right).

According to Ohran Pamuk "For the most part, our happiness and unhappiness derive not from life itself but from the meaning we give to it". Having these children feel they are important and making them happy (even if for a short period of time) has been contributing towards my own happiness ...

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