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Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The final day (The 12th of March 2011);

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Saturday, the 12th of March 2011

We shall be having the  "workshops' final party" this afternoon, in which all of the intervening children will be present, either to sing the song and play the theatrical parts they have prepared all week long or have their "Art pieces" exhibited for the whole community, but  before we organise the room we'll be watching the  "sofball" group playing at Manguinho, as part of their weekly activities. 

Sibylle got them organised in three different groups, each of which had to do different exercises under the leadership of three "trainers". All girls seemed excited and we (Marie Hélène and I) were witnesses to how highly committed they all were throughout the whole morning.

Under Sibylle's leadership (Left).
With Britta in control of the exercises (Right).

Learning the bat striking techniques with Daniel (Left). Britta and her mother in charge of a group (Right).

Playing the game (Left).
Playing a different game, as these "game watchers" slid down on empty  plastic bottles (Right);

By 10H00, Sibylle, Marie Hélène, Britta and I headed towards the ADEC academy to organise the room for the three o'clock party, which took us about three quarters of an hour.

Marie Hélène and Britta hanging the sequencing coloured pages on the wall.

I still had time to walk around Calhetona in search of a girl I hadn't seen for the last three days and whom I was naturally worried about, as well as visit some of the people I won't have a chance to say goodbye to, as soon after the party, Marie Hélène and I shall be going to Praia to have dinner with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education before flying back home around one in the morning. 

As we reached Sibylle's (right on time to have lunch), there was Nate with a whole oven made duck (she had killed for the occasion), which made me once more realise (what I knew already) how thankful these people are ...

The "duck' (Left) and Nate, Benedita, Marie Hélène and Sibylle "around" it (Right).

What a marvellous lunch it was ...

Prior to the party I still had time to distribute some of the many things (colouring pencils, boxes of paint, "Art projects", reading and sticker books, puzzles and other artistic material) I had been keeping at Sibylle's and which I felt could be of good use for some of the children (particularly those who have attended more than three workshops already) who would able to do these things on their own, rather than have them wait till I am around next time (God only knows when that will be).

I wish I could have "captured" their smiles ... they were all extremely happy and more than being happy with the things they were given ... I felt they knew it had been an act of trust  on my part ... They knew I believed they would make good use of them ...

Note: The yellow T-shirts the "softball" girls were wearing had been provided by  the Lisbon ANA (Airports and Air Navigation) club.

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