Saturday, 30 April 2011

Berlin - Second day (around the Charlottenburg area) - 22nd of April 2011

On our way to the Charlottenburg Palace, we chose to go along the Schlossstrasse street because despite the fact that many of the  villas and historical buildings no longer exist three have been recently restored, one of which being worth seing (in neo-classical style and dating back to 1837).

N° 67  villa on Schlossstrasse

The origins of the Charlottenburg Palace date back to a small palace and summer residence (Schloss Lietzenburg) built around 1695 for the second wife of Friedrich III. It wasn't but in 1701 that it was extended and turned into a second residence of Queen Sophie Charlotte.

We walked around the Palace baroque gardens and visited the Dorian temple like Mausoleum where Queen Louise, Friedrich Wilhelm III,  princess  Auguste von Liegniz (his second wife), Kaiser Wilhelm I and his wife have been buried. 

The front (Right) and back (Left) part of the Palace

Two different views of the gardens

The Mausoleum (Left) and the Palace dom (Right)

We then headed towards the Deutsche Oper Berlin, fifteen minutes away from the Palace to watch the "Schneewittchen" ballett performed by the Staatsballett Berlin to the music of Gustav Mahler.

The ballett dancers left the audience visibly moved all the way through their performance though the last moments, when the Prince performed by Leonard Jakovina tries to bring Snow White (Elisa  Carrillo Cabrera) back to life, were absolutely memorable.

The perfect way to end the day ... 

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