Friday, 29 April 2011

Berlin - First day (around Warschauer Strasse) - 21st of April 2011

I had seen images of the Oberbaumbrücke before but hadn't realised that the yellow one storey high building like doors that seemed to magestically blend with the colours of the brick were simply the  carriages of the U-bahn line 1 (how distracted was why when I first looked at the images !!!).

Two views of the Oberbrücke (with and without the U-bahn train)

 Two views of the Oberbrücke  from the Warschauer Strasse

The interesting thing about this 1894  neo - Gothic arcade bridge over the river Spree is that it was closed for about 12 years prior to the  re-unification and during that period only well documented city dwellers were authorised to walk across it, once it connected both sides of the Berlin wall.
We walked a bit farther into the Kreutzberg area to see a richly detailed street painting of the well known Italian artist Blu - the image of a  huge man made up of small crawling men. Very close to it there was a building which reminded me of  the Austrian Hundertwasser buildings.

Blu's street painting (Left). The Hundertwasser like painted house in Kreutzberg (Right).

We decided not to go back to our Hotel before having one last look at  some of the West Side gallery painted murals and were as impressed as hours before ...

On the way to Comenius hotel we stopped at a Turkish restaurant and had a great meal.

We are really looking forward to what tomorrow might bring and just hope tonight's rest will help us "restore" the necessary energy for tomorrow's long day ahead ...

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