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Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The final day (the 12th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Saturday, the 12th of March 2011
The party (still)

Soon after we handed the "Art pieces" to all of the girls who had attended the "Arts and Crafts" workshop, Sibylle made a speech on behalf of  Beat and the ADEC Academy thanking me for the committment throughout the whole week and knowing I am an art lover they both  offered me a beautiful Rabelados oil painting.

I have been finding it harder to leave without getting too emotional about it and I feel it has a lot to do with the fact that after five one week workshops in three years I already see many differences ... not only in terms of what the children can (now) achieve but also regarding their behavioural attitudes.

I had no time to "get involved" with the families this time (but with just a few), as I was overburdened, but  feel I honestly should, as part of the  so called "success" of this may also lie on the influence I can have within the families. 

Marie Hélène took  quite a few photographs of the girls with their mothers and siblings as they were leaving ... and  as I was looking at them wondered whether their dreams might coincide in some way with their mothers' (though I very much doubt they will ...).

Diva (Left) and Eduardo (Right) with their mothers

Carla (Left) and Rosana (Right) with their mothers and younger siblings respectively.
Daniela with her mother

Praia, Palmarejo

We drove to Palmarejo in Praia where we spent quite a relaxing social evening with Graça and her husband ...  eating traditional food (catchupa and cuscus with honey) talking about everything and nothing.

They have had their first child just two months ago and Graça jokingly tried to talk me into teaching Glorinha the coloured sand techniques when she gets older ...

Jokingly or not ... I feel there is a strong connection between me and the Cape Verdians ... and even if it is just to see how the children progress ... I know I'll be around ...

Graça with her husband and  little Glorinha together with their nephews.

Note: I owe my gratitude to everyone who has contributed towards the happiness of these children throughout the whole week in some sort of way:

- The "godparents" (Maria João, Gabriela, Isabel, Paula, Paula Marina, Lurdes, Carla Brígida, Carla Oliveira, Carla Carreira, Sandra, Cecília, Carlos, Luis, Salomé, Célia, Surama, Sérgio, Rosário, Noëlle, Marie Hélène, Fátima, Manuela Reduto, Cristina Marques and Celeste);
- The ones who contributed with toys (Cristina, Elsa and the "coachers" of the Gymn I attend);
- The ones who contributed with money I have used for some extra clothes and to buy 35 stamped cards   the children  were handed to let the "Godparents" know how they are doing throughout the year (Luisa and Ana Maria);
- The ones who contributed with clothes (Anabela, Isabel, Carla Carreira, Maria João, Ana Maria, Sílvia, Paula and Carla Brígida) some of which were distributed among the peasants in Calheta and surrounding villages, and some of which were sold, having the obtained money reverted towards the drinks and biscuits provided to some of the children over 6 days;
- Club ANA for having provided 30 T-shirts for the "Softball" girls;
- Lurdes for having given me all of the previous workshop photos for free; 
- Christian, Marie Hélène and Carla Brígida for having contributed with some artistic material and games;
-The "silent " supporters" (mainly the ones who follow my activites by reading the blog);
- The Schellmann's for having lodged me and provided my meals during the week;
- The ADEC academy for having trusted my professional capacity and allowed me to use the academy's premises;
- Marie Hélène for her daily classroom help, as well as Sibylle, Britta and Duche for theirs;
- The Maire for having provided the transport to and from Praia airport;


 My special gratitude goes out to  my late deceased daughter Faye for having inspired me, as well as  my daughter Mia and my boyfriend Christian for being my everyday "supporters", but above all it goes out to the children, who were the main actors in the whole scenario ... they were the ones I did this for ...

As I am writing this there are five more confirmed "Godparents"  (Luis and his girlfriend, Marco Tavares, Francisco Lisboa, and Carlos Saboga) who will provide for the school needs of  Eunice, Kevin, Nolita, Jessica and Eunice de Jesus respectively) plus  five potential "Godparents" on a waiting list.
Apart from the money I have been given by the five mentioned people above, I have also been given extra money by Carlos Saboga and Helder Pereira for school material (which in given time will be shown in the blog).

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