Saturday, 16 April 2011

The children of Calheta (still) ...

I have today been with two of the "godmothers" of Calheta (Surama and Cristina Marques) to hand them out the cards that came  from Simone Neuza and Artemisa for them.

I took the opportunity to take Cristina Marques' photo, as I hadn't yet had the possibility to and thank her once more for together with her sister-in-law Manuela Reduto having taken the decision to help Artemisa when a few months back I was told that this girl was in need.

Cristina Marques (Left) and Artemisa (Right).

I have also been with Lurdes who has informed me that her son Luis and daughter-in-law will be sending a packet to Cape Verde for Eunice's birthday next 24th of April, together with something for Kevin whose school fees will also be under their responsibility.

A T-shirt, some blue trousers, a decorated pencil, a pencil case, a vanilla scented baby doll and a sticker book for Eunice (Left). A T-shirt, some red shorts
 and a sticker book for Kevin (Right).

The latest piece of news being that a colleague of mine (Felizardo) upon having heard that a young lady from Calheta  (Elisabeth) who is attending Law school in Assomada needed a laptop gave me his word that he would make it possible for me to take one with me next September for her.

Elizabeth wearing a blouse sent by Carla Brigida

Despite the fact that I don't travel to Cape Verde as often as I would like to (flying there is not that cheap)  I know they know we all care and worry about them ...


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