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Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - the final day ...

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Saturday, the 12th of March 2011
The party

I was so worried about the whole thing that it wasn't  but when I started addressing those who had come for the party that I realised the room was almost full. Most of the children had to sit on the ground.

Three images of  the audience prior to the starting of the party

The group of 12 boys were the first to get "on stage" to sing their "rap version" of the Sound of Music "Do, Re, Mi"  which they did beautifully having ultimately got a strong applause from the audience. They would later have to sing it again for the Maire (who was unfortunately unable to be present at the beginning of the party), and once more sang it as beautifully as in the first time.

The singing group

The young actors followed suit and not only got a reaction from the  audience several times (due to the interactive performing) but ended up also getting a huge applause at the end. Had it not been for a dog which started barking half way through (which in spite of the door being closed could be heard) and the theatrical play would have been perfect ...

"João Macacão" in one of his performing acts (Left).
The narrator and actors thanking the audience's applause at the end of the play (Right)

(from left to right - Lou, Valter, Pedrilson, Eduardo, Gerson, Kevin and Marline).

Then it was time to "praise" the parents who were present at the party by handing them twenty presents (silk pillow cases, scarves, sewing kits, embroidered napkins and other utility objects) corresponding to ramdomly sellected numbers which were distributed as they entered the "exhibition" room. This I have always found to be a "precious" moment for the parents who come to their children's party and who have rarely been given anything throughout their entire life (apart from the hardships they have had to face everyday).

The ones who attended the Portuguese Language development classes were given the books they  worked on during the week and the ones who attended the Arts and Crafts lessons were called in (one by one) to collect their "pieces of Art, but not before everyone had had the chance to see them.

Elcy and her sister Eunice (Left) looking at their "Art pieces" being exhibited.  Looking at the Art exhibition (Right).

Having received their  working books (Left). Waiting for their turn (Right).

Daniela (Left) and Carla (Right) being handed their "pieces of Art" respectively.

(To be continued)

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