Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Some of the latest books I've read ...

I started the New Year in a slow sort of mood having therefore chosen to read rather than to write. From having read Marc Chagal's  early life diary "My life" I went on to Mia Couto's  19th century historic account "A espada e a azagaia" (the spade and the assagai).

Totally different in style and thematic approach they have both touched me in a rather unexpected way and if I say this it is because on one hand I stumbled upon Marc Chagal's personal writing for the first time having felt  poetry in almost every of his single words and on the other hand let myself be taken through the harsh colonization period of Mozambique and the latest days of the Ngungunyane's empire, which written in epistolary form wasn't deprived of an equally poetical approach.



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