Monday, 30 January 2017

Calheta de São Miguel in Cape Verde solidarity project (cont.)


Two more children have got themselves school "godparents", as Rita Santo 's brother decided to help another girl (underneath on the right) and Cláudia Pimenta and her young daughters opted to help the girl on the left.

I've started packing the presents and getting things semi-organized today though I fear I won't be able to carry everything with me, despite counting on Noëlle's "available" weight. Amongst my several concerns regarding the trip I got some really good news as the new Mayor of São Miguel and I ended up talking to, thanks to my dearest friend Graça who then put me in contact with the city councilwoman who will ensure we get picked up at Praia and are driven to Calheta. 

My former boss's family let me know they'll "look after" yet another two small girls and hopefully help them through, once they start school in a few years. I was handed some presents for them which together with the presents I bought for those whom nobody had "selected" filled part of another suitcase ...

I may look rather calm on the outside but I am getting extremely nervous because knowing myself as I do, I'll have to work out a way to effectively take everything with "us", which at this moment in time seems impossible once I haven't been handed out half of what I should, so far ... together with the fact that Noelle and I don't know how it will be humanly possible to distribute what we have to for every child, being just two days and a half in the community of Calheta, with the meeting at the Council, the Carnaval parade, the trip to Assomada ... etc, etc. ...

May we be successful in achieving that and have "school godparents" and children alike happy ...

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