Sunday, 29 January 2017

Calheta de São Miguel in Cape Verde solidarity project ...

Within a rather short period of time I have (almost unexpectedely, I must say) got the support of a few colleagues and their families in regards to the children of Calheta de São Miguel's project which helps the children in their basic school needs, as well as provides them with school material, clothes and a few toys, which Noelle and I will hopefully be able to transport onto the island.

Because of the ongoing work I don't feel I am as "organised" as I have been in previous years though I am happy to announce that  adding to the already existing list of a few hundred children the following ones will be supported as from this moment on by the marvellous people who have crossed my way and have joined the project.

Elsa Gomes and her daughters will look after these four children needs.

Lucia Casqueiro and her mother will be in charge of little Javison's family and the youngest little girl in the picture above on the right.

Isabel Pinto Bastos will be in charge of this little boy's needs.

Two of Beta's friends will be in charge of Jessica's youngest sister (above on the left) Dulcilinda's youngest brother (in the centre photo) and the young boy in the above photo on the right.

Manuel Santos' family will be in charge of the little girl (left) and Fatima Maruta the little boy (right).

Lena Monteny and her father will be in charge of these little girls  respectively.

Rita Santos and her family will be in charge of these children plus another child in need.

I have also been given money by Luisa Silva to "ensure" the school needs of 6 adolescents, as well as some by Mariana Carvalheiro and Azevedo for 4 other children, plus a huge bag of toys kindly provided by Rosarinho, clothes by Elsa Gomes and a number of goggles by Arlindo Santa to distribute to the boys who do diving to catch fish to sell in the community.

On behalf of the children of Calheta I would like to openly thank all of those who have been in the project for some time and welcome the ones who have recently joined in. May our joint efforts and good will provide these children with a better education and  allow them to be equally "children" (in their own right) who can finally read story books (not available in the community) and play with toys (still considered as non-necessary goods and almost non-existent on this part of the island). 

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