Sunday, 29 January 2017

The latest book I have read ...

Despite having been initially hesitant as to whether I should buy the book on Van Gogh's ear cutting episode by Bernardette Murphy I must now admit that apart from being very compelling it did shed some light into not only one of the most controversial episodes related to the life of Van Gogh but also in regards to other details that may have been "misinterpreted" over the years, thus creating a myth that only such an intensive detective-like type of approach on the part of the author (may she be praised for the endless research years) could have brought a thorough revelation onto.

I feel this may be a very interesting and "eye opening" book not only for Van Gogh art lovers to read but just anyone, whether they are into Art or not.

I felt I knew quite a lot, not to say almost everything that there was to be known, about Vincent van Gogh, having previously bought most of the books written about him but the truth is there were questions I had never asked myself (nor even considered asking) about certain events that took place in his lifetime, which the author did as a starting point for her long quest ... a quest that provided "clearer" answers and interpretations to some of the reasons behind many of those. 

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