Thursday, 26 January 2017

My weekend adventure at Aix-en-Provence, France - (Day 2 morning) - On the way to the Cathedral of Saint Sauveur - The 21st of January 2017

I was quite happy that the strolling around wasn't too affected by the cold because prior to the evening concert at the Grand Thêatre de Provence I still wanted to visit the Cathedral of Saint Sauveur and a few other odd places around the area.

I started by walking down from the hotel along Avenue Armand Lunel and unexpectedly came across a memorial to those living at Aix-en-Provence who helped Jews throughout their ordeal during the Second World War, having eventually saved lives despite risking their own lives. Being a rather sensitive issue which I never get to be unimpressed by I ended up reading all the plaques and the lives of those involved.

I then headed back up to unexpectedly come across another memorial, this time on the Armenian Genocide. Having been to Yerevan a few years ago and become aware of such an unrecognised issue by many countries I once more stood respectfully in front of the powerfully imposing statue that is more than a reminder of such a sad event. 

Cours de Mirabeau looked quite different from the perspective I had had of it the previous day once small stalls were spread all along the pedestrian avenue ... giving it a rather different "touch" ... even King René looked slightly different ... (less sullen maybe ... because of the ongoing bustle)

From a certain moment onwards I veered into "unknown territory" I hadn't yet been to following a street map and walking in and out of enclosed squares, such as the Albertas', into streets lined with incredibly beautiful façades and sculpted figures one couldn't help looking at. A number of Virgin statues standing on façade niches kept on looking down on the passers by and it was in such a magic-like atmosphere I reached the Saint Sauveur area.

(To be continued)

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