Thursday, 26 January 2017

My weekend adventure at Aix-en-Provence, France - (Day 1 - afternoon cont.) - Museum Granet extended premises at the Chapel of Pénitents Blancs - The Jean Planque Collection - The 20th of January 2017

As I walked out of the Museum Granet I tried to visit the Church of Saint Jean de Malte but there were funeral obsequies being carried out so I opted to walk onto Rue Maréchal Joffre to gain access to the Chapel of the Pénitents Blancs where the Art collection pertaining to Jean Planque were being exhibited.

One of Jean Planque's quotations right at the entrance of the exhibition drew my attention, namely because I can  relate to it, not necessarily at the same level of "imposition" but in a fairly strong way.
" J'ai mieux aimé les tableaux que la vie. (...) Ma vie = tableaux. (...) Le tableau s'impose à moi avec brutalité dans sa totalité et je pressens. Je pressens le mystère, ce qui ne peut être dit ni à l'aide de la musique, ni à celle des mots. Immédiate préhension. Chose émotionelle. Possession de tout mon être. Je suis en eux et eux en moi Tableaux!"

I decided to have an audio guide throughout the exhition, which clearly provided me with precious information on some of the paintings I came across including many I knew quite a lot about.

The first painting I set my eyes on was an "unknown" Van Gogh, whose story behind its acquisition I was touched by.  

Bouquet de fleurs by Vincent Van Gogh - 1806 oil on canvas

Leicester Square by Claude Monet - 1901 oil on canvas

La mer et les bateaux by Raoul Duffy - 1922 oil on canvas

Finlandaise by Sonia Delaunay - 1907 oil on canvas

Femme au mirroir by Pablo Picasso - 1959 oil on canvas (left). Femme au chapeau dans un fauteil by Pablo Picasso - 1939 oil on canvas (right).

Nu et homme à la pipe (la conversation) - 1968 oil on canvas

Femme au corsage  by Pablo Picasso - 1958 lithography (left).

On the upper florr among some of Jean Planque's own paintings and others of less known painters pertaining to his collection I came across a gallery with a few rather exquisite sculpted pieces by  Kosta Alex, which mostly fascinated me due to the level of creativity and use of "recycling material".

Cézanne à l'ouvrage by Jean Planque - watercolour

Intérieur au nu by Paul Basilius Barth - 1937 oil on canvas (left).  Le baigneur by Hans Berger - around 1940 oil on canvas (right)

The English cyclist - 1960 painted sewn cardboard (left). The girl from the Southern France - collage/relief in cardboard and paper (right).

The man of Kalahari - 1965 wood assembling

 Little boy blue - 1966 painted wood (right)

I can't help saying that having visited this Granet Museum extended premises provided me with an immense joy.

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