Friday, 23 December 2016

Stories we tell ...

As I was trying to select the next film to use in the English Language lunch time gatherings I came across one documentary film that touched me profoundly and which I will no doubt want my students to watch and discuss ...
It's profound ... complex ... emotional ...  and beyond no doubt, despite being based on a personal life  story, one which makes us (as viewers) ponder on the validity of the stories we tell others ... and ourselves ... or even those we choose not to unveil ... because no two accounts of an event are ever the same and our own memories or the inquest into our own life path unknown existence can astound, hurt, deceive and even betray us ... or affect those around us.


"(...) is one of those movies you watch on a screen and replay in your head for days (...) it's a scrapbook seen through a kaleidoscope, where each photograph somehow reveals the person looking at it."


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