Sunday, 15 May 2016

The latest book I have read ...

I have taken longer than I should to read this Elif Shafak's novel though I feel the main reason was the fact that I didn't want it to finish ... 

Inspired by historical events and real people The Architect's apprentice takes us back into the Ottoman Empire at the height of its power and the intricate and intriguing relations of those who have been at the heart of this absorbing novel, which blends history, fiction, politics and romance in a very peculiar and skilful way.  


"(...) there were two blessings in life: books and friends. And that they should be possessed in inverse quantities; many books, but only a handful of friends". 

" (...) the worth of one's faith depended not on how solid and strong it was, but on how many times one would lose it and still be able to get it back."

"Life was the sum of the choices one did not make; the paths yearned for but not taken."

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