Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset - (Day 2 afternoon and evening) - Weymouth, the old harbour area; back to Wareham - The 22nd of April 2016

Because once we bought a specific ticket for the train we were allowed to hop on and off along the way we decided to stop over at Weymouth, known for its golden beaches, which are believed to be among the South West's finest, and seaside activities, this being the reason as to why most of the B&B guest houses along the main seaside avenue had no vacancies, as in accordance withe the notices on their windows.

The weather was getting slightly better but that didn't change much of the grayish atmosphere and once we went down the mural painted tunnel that took us closer to the beaches there weren't any gold stretches of sand to be seen.

Queen Victoria's Jubilee Clock

We strolled around until we decided to do a bit of shopping mostly in second-hand shops and bookstores (both of them pure havens for shopping sprees in the United Kingdom) which we both found to be very good. I bought quite a few DVD films in English with subtitles in English for the hearing impaired (just the ideal for my students - not that they are hearing impaired but certainly in need of additional English subtitles, in some cases), books for children and fossil stones.

Tribute statue to King George III, who would often take vacations in there.

We walked up and down the same road having then decided to catch the train back "home" to Wareham. We were a bit wet, slightly tired but definitely not disappointed because taking into account the unfavourable weather we had done quite a bit. Weymouth had briefly taken me into my childhood, as I found striking similarities between this seaside town and my birth place (the rain being the element of exception).

Once we got back to Wareham we "settled down" at Mia's room and shared a Chinese meal we had bought at a take-away, which was not bad at all and some cakes a colleague of hers had kindly left for the two of us.


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