Thursday, 5 May 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset (Day 3 afternoon cont. and evening) - Wareham, along the river canals, dinner at the old Quay Inn pub and cinema at the Parish Church Community Centre - The 23rd of April 2016


After the visit of St. Martin's Church I went back to the North Mill to change, as Mia had let me know she had an evening surprise she refused to reveal to me.
We then walked up and down the river Frome canals watching the rather exquisite seagull species which differ from ours and the amazingly beautiful landscape. Certain aspects of nature are indescribable, it just by observing them that you get the real sense of their unique beauty, which is what we did.


The "surprise" included a meal at the Quay Inn's, said to be one of the best pubs in town as far as beef cooking is concerned, followed by a cinema session (La Famille BĂ©lier - a film we had wanted to see whilst in Lisbon) at the Parish Church community centre (temporarily used as the Cinema is being refurbished) which she didn't disclose till the last moment. It was a rather funny way of having me "curiously under pressure" as she announced we were going to a ball-room dance ... 

I loved the whole day programme and the special evening part which got us even closer and brought back memories of our Lisbon Saturday cinema sessions (with a local Dorset taste).


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