Friday, 6 May 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset (Day 4 morning cont. early afternoon) - Swanage - Durlston Castle and back to Swanage town - The 24th of April 2016


We kept on following the trail having passed by a few mansion-like houses at one point before turning right in order to reach the Durlston castle. Somewhere along the coastal discovery we came across stone benches named after well known writers and dramaturgs, as well as notices telling us to relax and admire ...

Once we  reached the castle we soon realised it must have been a rather unique place now used for weddings, receptions, seminars, conferences and private parties. It is part (together with the Great Globe) of a curious legacy of George Burt, a Victorian entepeneur.

We came across the Tilly Whim Caves, whose explanation was provided on a huge board and not much later some passing birds.


The Great Globe dating back to 1887 to be found slightly South of  the Durlston Castle, which we came across on the way back, was quite interesting and curiously made up of 15 sections of stone joined together with granite dowels. The "accompanying" explanations and prose poems were equally interesting and adequate.

I couldn't help noticing a few other interesting things on the way down, from the fossils to the "tombstone" benches.

(To be continued)


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