Thursday, 5 May 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset (Day 3 morning) - Poole, stroling around the old town centre and the quay - The 23rd of April 2016

Mia and I took a morning train heading to the large coastal town of Poole which is said to have established successful commerce with the North American colonies in the 16th century including the important fisheries of Newfoundland where we intended to spend the whole morning.

Upon reaching the centre we were "welcomed" by the town youth band, which we listened to for a while before having strolled around the old town.

A typical timber-framed wall house (left). Beech Hurst, a Georgian mansion built in 1798 for a wealthy Foundland merchant (right).

The Parish Church of St. James

The former Custom' s House

We visited a Medieval House said to have been built in the 15th century which now houses a local History Centre where we bought quite a few souvenirs.


The life-size bronze sculpture of Robert Baden-Powel created to celebrate the founding of the ~Scout Movement on Brownsea island.

Because the sun was shining we headed towards the quay, once said to have been a busy centre of maritime trade with a quay boat haven and a fishing boat marina. We sat in some wooden benches and had our "morning coffee break" admiring the view and observing the numerous visitors who walked by. 

It was quite a relaxing morning which would almost certainly work as a preparation for the long walking tour we had programmamed for the following day.


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