Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset (Last Day late morning and early afternoon) - On the way to Bournemouth; Bournemouth airport terminal; Faro - The 25th of April 2016


In need of "warming" ourselves up we decided to have a second English breakfast, as if the baked beans and the toast could ease the forthcoming separation. We smiled as we parted at the Christchurch train station. I'd be travelling to Bournemouth, whilst Mia and Sam would be left behind and though I felt proud of her decision and what she had been standing her ground for I knew I'd miss her companionship.

As I reached the Airport and noticed a butterfly sculpture outside the terminal it made me think of the stage-life cycle some people have to go through so as to be able to fly ... The sculpture was naturally associated to another line of thought which I entirely subscribe, together with the 1941 through to 2011 exhibition of Aviation related moments in time, which I felt was very interesting. 

Upon reaching Faro I was met by a a friend, former colleague and director, whose company and his wife's I enjoyed for the evening.

View from Felizardo's home

The next morning fearing not waking up in time to catch the morning train back to Lisbon I made my way to the train station right in front of the Hotel I stayed at, having been the first person to set foot on it at around five thirty in the morning. 

As I was looking back at those four intensely rich days in Dorset I realised that apart from the precious memories, the numerous photos, books and brochures I had also brought quite a few things to use in the English Language Summer course for the children ...



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