Saturday, 23 July 2011

Souvenirs ... or the "art" of remembering ...

Books and handicraft  are almost always among the things I buy whenever I travel abroad and though I have drastically reduced them in the latest trips because of obvious lack of space within my small size appartment, books and local outfits are still my favourite "souvenirs", apart from some in the form of memories one (still) does not have to pay for ... the colours ... the smells ... the expressions of the local inhabitants of the places we visit and which are most of the time so different from the ones we are used to.

Local outfits, a rag doll (to add to my collection of dolls) and books brought from the circuit  trip to Jordan in January 2011.

Books,  local outfits and a few little things brought from my recent circuit to Bulgaria. 

Books have always allowed me to "travel" without having to leave the comfort of the house, though these ones allow me to "prolong" the travelling experiences and further read about the places I have visited and  have either been fascinated by or not had sufficient time to appreciate, at least the way they should.

Colourful embroidered clothes have been "adopted" by me since the first trip to Africa and the fact that since then I have been often called "crazy" for wearing them does not affect me at all. I feel rather priveledged for being able to wear such "pieces of handicraft art", some of which are becoming "extinct" ... 

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