Thursday, 14 July 2011

More moments of "happiness" and apprehension ...

A few more girls from Calheta have today received the presents and little treats sent by their "godmothers".  The more I look at their faces the more I am convinced that it does not take much to make these children happy ...

Maria de Jesus with the presents sent by Maria Felicidade, including an outfit she proudly tried on top of her own clothes.

Eunice de Jesus with the presents I have sent her (including the salmon colour dress).

Patrícia (known as Sónia) I had never seen before but whom I sent some small presents and an outfit to (for her not to feel different from the girls who are in her group and already have "godmothers").

Simone (left) with a book I sent her and Jocelyne (right) with an envelope with a card and photos sent by Marie Hélène, as well as a book I sent upon her request and on her behalf.

Filomena (who was given this book by mistake once it was supposed to have been given to another Filomena) looking surprised and yet so happy (left) and  Rívia on the right looking extremely sad and apprehensive at the prospect of  not successfully completing school this year, holding a reading book (with stickers) I sent her on behalf of her "godmother" Paula Marina.

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