Monday, 18 July 2011

The latest news of Calheta ...

I have today been sent some photos, one of which is Eduardo reading the book recently sent to him by me (on his "godmother's" behalf) as he went around Sibylle's to collect a card Maria João had also sent him.

Eduardo reading "Jack and the beanstalk"

He rarely smiles and yet I needn't be told how important it is for him to have this "special" bond with such a caring "godmother". I have known him for a while now (he has attended all of my workshops since 2010) and there is a remarkable difference since that first sad looking picture (which actually led my colleague to want to get involved in his educational needs). 

It is sometimes an expression ... a story behind a picture ... or a mere impulse that leads people to  want to help these children ... and I strongly believe that this "bond" is equally important for the ones who "receive" ... and those who "give" ...

Three more children (Ana, Diana Conceição and Filomena) will have their school fees and needs taken care of by Maria João.  I have also been given some extra money for  other children in need by Cecilia (who is Josefine's "godmother").

What a difference ten Euros can make in the life of these children !!! 

Diana Conceição (left) and Ana (right)


I have also been sent a photo of the Mayor of Calheta, Mr. João Duarte looking at the book I  have sent him ...  a gesture of gratefulness for the provided support since 2009 (the first workshop I carried out in Calheta), once he has taken care of my transportation from and to Praia every time, as well as paid for half of my accommodation the first time.

Above all I owe him the unconditional trust ... without which carrying out such a volunteering project might have been a lot more difficult than it already is ...

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