Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Latest news from Calheta ...

I have been sent some photos (taken by Sibylle) to four of the five girls who participated in the Bern Frauenlauf wearing the outfits I bought for them, taking into account their personal taste, but which for obvious reasons they were not able to try on during their stop over at Lisbon airport.

Anicia (left) and Ludmila (right). 

Eveline (left) and Ertemisa (right).

Ertemisa, Ludmila and Eveline (from left to right)

They all seemed happy and that made me even happier. To complete my "happiness", I was also sent of Valter (Ertemisa's brother) whom I had sent a long-sleeved T-shirt gently offered by my colleague Silvia  some time ago, which I felt would perfectly fit him (I wasn't wrong).


It came to me as a surprise to find out that Benedita has recently become a grandmother and although she looks rather happy in the photo I was sent, I am sure she has some concerns regarding the future of this young couple, as Mito (her son and father of the child) is still very young and studying at university, thus without any income of his own.

 Benedita, Dina holding little Danilo and Mito (from left to right)

In three months time I'll be travelling there and I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing ... particularly "my" children ... , though Sibylle keeps me updated ...

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