Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The latest news from Calheta (still) ...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

It always makes me happy to see how the children of Calheta react when they are given the little presents their "godparents" give  to me, so as to be sent  to them from time to time.

Filomena, known by the name of Mana has recently found out that Silvia will take care of her school education, which naturally made her very happy, but  nothing made her happier than looking at Silvia's photo and putting on the necklace she sent her (not  even being aware she will soon be given her first ever birthday presents).


Having realised that Ivanilde Elena (Va) hadn't yet received an answer to the card she had sent her "godfather" some time ago, I decided to "intervene" by sending her a puzzle, which clearly made her smile (she is a very reserved young girl who tries to participate in every activity, not allowing the hearing impairness interfere in her wilingness to be like any other girl of her age).


There are still six girls in need whom I haven't yet found "godparents"  for, as well as two or three "cases" I'll have to reconsider, taking into account the fact that the "godparents" I got for them haven't been "thoroughly" committed to the project, possibly feeling that paying for the school fees is sufficient ... which in terms of  what I expected of them is in fact not enough. Words of encouragement and care (over Christmas, birthdays and important events for the children) especially for those who can already read and write or are learning to, is something I feel to be important.

Ana (10 years old) and Liliana Rosy (11 years old) are among the girls I'll  be providing for until I find someone who will. I have known Ana since 2009, (when she joined the first group I carried an "Arts and Crafts" workshop for) and although I have not yet had the priviledge to work with Liliana Rosy she has already "captivated" me with her somewhat sad look. 

Ana (left) and Liliana Rosy (right).

The good news are that Nélida (10 years old) has found herself a "godmother", Catarina ( a former colleague of mine, now retired), who  I am sure will be a caring "protector". She has already given me the money for the school fees and will soon hand me a birthday present (Nélida will turn 12 next October) that I expect to carry with me next  time I travel there (end of October).


All I know is that I'll  keep on trying to help this community the best way I can ... focusing on the "educational" needs of the children and other important issues thereto associated, with the support of those who have trusted me from the beginning.

I believe we shall make a difference, by "being the change" we want to see  ...

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