Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The 7 day circuit to Bulgaria - Day 6 (Mural paintings at the open gallery of the principal church - Rila Monastery).

To thoroughly admire painted murals like the ones at the open gallery of the Rila Monastery principal Church  would  have certainly required a lot more than just a morning, and more so if one were into Art or even religious themes.

Having photographed quite a few will allow us to "look" at them whenever we might feel like, though it is not the same as looking at them "live".

Some of the ones depicting scenes from Hell or  harsh punishments  were particularly impressive ... having brought  back memories from my childhood at the boarding school of nuns, in which the detailed descriptions as to what could (would) happen to the ones among us who didn't behave accordingly or those who "sinned' were so vivid that our child's mind transformed them into "images", which very much resembled some I looked at in this open gallery.

Christian and I (in front of the Rila Monastery principal church with its walls and arches covered with frescoes).

Whatever we might say or try to say about it will never equal the experience ... we were eye-witnesses of a remarkable piece of Art ... and it was well worth having come all the way to see this ...

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